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 xraysimon 2013
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Roland Germany / Roland Japan / Jade Cargo International / Perbabymobile / Cuba Travel Partners / Pampers / C&A Young Collection / Procter & Gamble / Thomas Cook AG Neckermann Reisen / Adidas / Mr. Proper / Reisebank / Hugo Boss / Kaufhof / Danone / O.F.C. (Offenbacher Kickers) / The European PINK FLOYD Show / Offenbach Post Pom Tetty / Always / Kissed / Ammer Events / SFA-Sanibroy / MVL-Audio Visual / Blümmerling GmbH / Sabocon GmbH / Lufthansa Cargo AG / Cocon GmbH / ZIW Zeitarbeit Pitney Bowes /  EF-Werbeservice / Phillips Health Care / Matt”Gonzo”Röhr / Intramedic GmbH / Gundy Keller / Always / MES-PAP /
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