the artist & the producer
XRAYSIMON: singing musician ... playing drums, guitar, bass, chapmanstick, koyabu-board and some keyboards. SIMON developed his music and audio skills by doing a lot of different recording jobs and live touring for various artist. In his recording- and mastering-studio he is producing and remixing a lot of local artist and working for international brands and marketing campaigns. The audio production side was followed by video, photo and artwork development. Spreading the word around that there is a guy that´s really like a kind of “swiss army knife of media production”, SIMON get´s more and more into the multimedia business. Working for international brands and various marketing agencies, producing in USA / CANADA / CHINA / JAPAN / SOUTH AFRIKA / GREENLAND and many other places in the world today he stands for quality productions on reliable budgets. As a musician he´s always writing own material. Beside his “instrumental-ambient-music-side” he´s always been a rocker. Influenced by bands like KISS / VAN HALEN / RHCP it´s got to be loud. Lyricly he is not the writer of typical non critical radio music that´s out today. Many of his songs won´t find the way into commercial radio because of the critical message within the songs.
 xraysimon 2013
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